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Did you know that 30 minutes on one of our tables for a massage will give you a “Taste of Tranquility“?  It’s true!  In 30 minutes time, you can experience the tension relieving benefits of a great massage.

A great way to get the most out of your 30 minute massage is to choose to have one of our massage therapists focus on a tension zone or two – such as your back and shoulders.  This allows you to receive the therapeutic benefits of deep massage in those areas that it will serve you most.

You can also choose to have a full body massage in 30 minutes and receive the healing benefits of nourishing touch on your whole body.  Your muscles and cells will thank you for the attention.  Just be forewarned, it will feel so good you may not be able to stop at 30 minutes.  Luckily our therapists are used to this, and can add more time for your relaxation desires as needed.

Come find us downtown on Spruce and 11th St on your lunch break or stop by after work to experience for yourself a “Taste of Tranquility.” Or, join us at Whole Foods on Pearl St. when its convenient for you.