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If you are like most of us out there, you are spending some time this New Year’s reflecting on your resolutions for 2011.  Often our resolutions revolve around what we can do to create more happiness and well being in our lives.  Since health and well being is our business, we’d like to offer you our suggestions for ways to nourish yourself and create more joy and balance for yourself in this New Year.

  • Regular Massage (Of course!  Read our posts “Benefits of Massage” and “Massage for Stress Relief” if you need convincing 🙂
  • Put on some of your favorite music and DANCE everyday (this is a great thing to do while you are cooking).
  • Sing in the shower.
  • Take a break from your busy day and go for a walk outside EVERYDAY. Breath in the fresh air.
  • Make time for your friendships.  Call a friend everyday to share your love for him/her.
  • Eat dark chocolate.
  • Let yourself be silly and have fun!
  • Take a moment each day to give thanks for everything that you can think of. Its amazing what we have to be thankful for when we give ourselves a moment to think about it.
  • Tell the people you care about that you love them, every chance you get.

What are ways that you nourish yourself?  Use the comment form below and let us know!

Happy New Years Boulder, and all the best from your friends at the Bodywork Bistro!  May 2011 bring you all that you desire!

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