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We are maneuvering through times of massive transformation in human consciousness and learning how to thrive as a global community. Taking personal responsibility for our own awakening requires learning to love ourselves unconditionally — inside and out — creating health in every cell of our being, and every relationship of our lives.

Inherent in our deepest pains, fears, and challenges are our greatest assets for an abundant, joyful life, and the keys to awakening a sense of empowerment. By beginning to find solutions to our own challenges, and relieving our own suffering, we begin to awaken to the rich meaning and purpose of our lives.

Here are 10 action steps of self love that can transform our fears and challenges into an empowered, passionate life:

1)    Take impeccable care of yourself.

Feeling good is a biochemical process. When you intentionally implement baby steps on a daily basis, you’ll find yourself weeks, months, and years from now waking up every day to the miracle of a joyful, purposeful life. You must awaken your peaceful warriorship, and train your mindbody into a state of wellbeing. This is the alchemy of empowerment, and it’s awesome!

That’s not to say you won’t be challenged, especially about the situations and relationships that matter to you most, but when you resolve to awaken to your infinite potential and live an empowered life, the whole universe will support you!

Hands down, the most simple, effective model for self love is The 5 Basics of Optimal Health, prescribed by Dr. Darren Weissman, the creator of the LifeLine Technique™, and international best-selling author of “Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind.” Learning and living the optimal quality, quantity, and frequency of Water, Food, Rest, Exercise, and Owning your Power creates an unshakeable foundation for you to thrive! (They are outlined beautiful detail in Darren’s books…you can also read about them on my website:

As you take care of your body, you will naturally begin to have more creative ideas, and the energy to implement the steps to bring those ideas to fruition. When you begin to embody the art of the 5 basics, the other 9 action steps become a passionate way of life!

2)    Activate your will.

Once you make the decision to transform your life, truly nothing will stand in your way! You are at a crossroads every moment. The difference between those who continuously struggle with the same patterns, and those who truly live, is the decision to consistently make conscious, present-time choices that lead to long-term positive changes. Once you know what to do, immediate implementation is key. And knowing what to do comes from honoring your internal guidance system. (Your inner guidance is the gift of your emotions, that nagging symptom, or an impulse to eat this or go to that event, where you end up making an important connection. Our bodies are guiding us every step of the way.)

A simple shift in the present will make a big degree of change in your long-term trajectory, not to mention the relief, excitement, and inspiration we immediately feel when we make empowered decisions in alignment with our highest purpose and vision!

I love what Dr. Darren Weissman says: “Remember, one choice made from your heart holds the power to forever change the world!”

3)    Have the Audacity to believe in Yourself!

Connect with your soul seed. Life is the process of remembering, and embodying our true nature, who we really are.  What brings you a deep sense of joy and fulfillment? That is what you are meant to be doing. Participate daily in those things that inspire you to go for gold. When you tap into the “why” behind your “way,” you enlist a whole host of support, propelling you forward on your path of empowerment. Once you’ve made the decision to nurture your dream, it is only one more step to courageously release the rocket boosters, and sail in full orbit living your purpose in harmony with all your relations. “Roads, where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” –Back to the Future, baby!

4)    Trust the Magic, and follow the call.

Life is totally mystical, but let’s demystify it for a moment. The electromagnetic field of the heart is many times stronger than the force of gravity (Check out the Heartmath Institute). You can’t ignore it. In fact, when you play it small, or stop listening to your internal guidance, it inevitably shows up in other areas of your life as symptoms in the body, relationship struggles, and a life of swimming upstream! Learn your internal signals and follow them, unwaveringly.

When you actively engage a dream, you’re automatically hovering in the “jazzed” zone of your heart, where inspiration, peak performance, and magic become recurring themes in the great story of your life!

Begin to recognize yourself as a dreamer, as well as a character in the Great Dream.  Start to study the archetypes and symbols that regularly present themselves in your life, and decode what they have to share with you by how they make you feel. Every experience in your life has a unique message for you, and a gift for your own evolution (Carolyn Myss is a great resource to get started decoding this dialogue with spirit).

Listening to the “still small voice” inside your mind is also an excellent indicator. The body doesn’t lie. Listen to your heart and your body to stay on track and let spirit move you. As you begin to create new neural networks and higher levels of sensory perception, you awaken to the interconnectedness of everything and everyone. (Check out Bruce Lipton, and the Biology of Belief to learn how your beliefs determine how your body’s genes express themselves, it’s fascinating stuff!)

5)    Resolve the past, now.

Clean out your closets, your junk drawers, and your digestive tract.

1)    Write down all the unresolved stories you’ve been hanging on to. Go ahead, write them down! You’ll be surprised what comes up that you thought was no longer an issue.

2)    Now resolve everything on that list. Tell a new story! Whatever it takes. Make a call, send an email, say a prayer, bring it into your heart and ask your higher self the best way to transform the situation. Guidance always comes; you just have to listen to it! As you patch up energetic leaks, and clear the clutter of unresolved issues, you free up massive amounts of energy that were once used to maintain unresolved holding patterns. (The LifeLine Technique is an awesome tool for creating resolution! Contact me to find out more:

3)    There’s nothing like a great cleanse to purify your mindbody and get a fresh start. Seasonal and annual regimes are an awesome practice to maintain a healthy digestive tract and a clear outlook.

4)    Through consistent acknowledgement and follow-through, you’ll build your intuitive mechanisms and master your own transformation.

6)    Embody your true Nature.

a.    Tell the Truth. The whole field warbles with your thought forms. The only way you can achieve the results you want to see is to align with the truth of who you are, and live it in thought, speech, and action. Want clear results, send a clear message!

b.    Switch it up. Sometimes we can (consciously or unconsciously) get stuck in old belief systems that don’t serve who you’ve become. Beliefs are simply habitual thoughts. Despite what you may have learned, you can change them! Move the energy, do something that scares you! No better way to tell the universe you’re ready for a massive change than to take that risk to step out on a limb. Once you develop trust in the baby steps by seeing the amazing results, you prepare yourself for the quantum leaps you were born to make!

c.    We must feel to heal. We are feeling beings with a master computer that connects us with the grid of creation. In order to move through your life and create change in the most optimal way, you must move with the Energy in Motion (E motion) that runs through the rivers of your life and the meridians of your body. Empowerment comes from living the truth of who you are. To move, speak, and live authentically, we must honor how we feel; the somatic truth that enables us to experience the dynamic richness of our human embodiment. The body never lies, listen to it!
Exercise: Practice taking the label off of the emotion you are experiencing, to feel it as pure sensation. Take a moment to observe what you’re going through, rather than identifying with it. It works wonders to be the witness of your own awakening!

d.    Move your body in a new way. Approach someone your old self wouldn’t have talked to; make crazy sounds with your voice, stir things up a bit, go dancing. All those things you’re “not supposed to do,” do them. And see what happens! Play is essential to our health, wellbeing, creativity, and mental acuity (Check out Dr. Stuart Brow, who’s devoted his life’s work to the study of play and why it’s essential to life, and cultivating creativity When we are in creativity mode, it’s impossible to feel anything but good).

Snap out of survival mode with play when you observe yourself reacting with a maladaptive, reactionary response. Fight, flight, and freeze are there to protect you, but only when you authentically need them for your survival! Create your way into a beautiful mosaic of interconnections and powerful experiences. Remember The Never Ending Story? Yep, we’re the storytellers, my friends.

7)    Hold the vibration:

a.    Connect with your tribe, your community. Soul brothers and sisters will hold you accountable to your vision and your highest vibration. All those who have truly transformed their lives surround themselves with a diverse community of people who are movers and shakers! Even when it scares you, be vulnerable, be malleable, and learn where your strengths and growth points are. Learn what you will and won’t compromise. Experiment, and be willing to make mistakes in the company others. We grow through humility and honesty, being witnessed by our community. Construct an inner circle that supports your most enlightened qualities so you can show up in the world with integrity.

b.    Self Educate. Pick up that book, enroll in that class, and inspire yourself by connecting with life experiences that stoke your spirit’s fire! Activate your success Avatar with life-affirming activities. Learn what’s happening in the global conversation and join in. What is your perspective? How can you engage in the conversation and share yourself with the world? What problems do you see that your heart yearns to solve? Who can you help?
“All of us are seekers in life, but sometimes we have to be finders, and share what we find with others…” ~Abraham-hicks

c.    The Essentials of Daily Practice. We learned to walk through a series of movements, cross crawl patterns and muscle engagements that develop coordination, healthy neural networks, and physical strength. Embodiment and success take practice. Find your center by connecting with source in your unique way on a daily basis. Only in knowing yourself and identifying your center can you meet others without projecting or taking on what’s not yours. We create our reality through the power of imagination. Get clear on your vision to align your actions with your heart.

8)    Get a mentor or coach.

One way to really see your roadblocks is to have them reflected back to you. No better way to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be than to confront the places that need nourishment and cultivation, and break through the constructs that keep you in an unpleasant holding pattern. Working with an “expert” helps you shape the masterpiece of your own life. We study masters to witness our own brilliance, learn what we already know, and get inspired to be at our best.

9)    Start Today! Feel the fear, and do it anyway.

The only time you have is now, and there has never been a more exciting, supportive time in history to make massive positive transformation and live an empowered life.

Ask yourself these questions:
a.    What is your life worth to you?
b.    What are you willing to do live your fullest, most awakened, empowered life?
c.    What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Begin it, now!
“There is one elementary truth concerning all acts of commitment, that the moment one absolutely commits oneself, then providence moves too…raising in one’s favor all matter of unforeseen events, meetings, and material assistance which no one would have dreamed would come their way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it, boldness has genius power and magic in it.” –Goethe

10)    Trust.

Okay, so you’ve laid the groundwork, you’ve followed your internal guidance system, you’ve been taking impeccable care of yourself with the 5 basics for optimal health, holding the vibration with your daily practice, and you are actively doing everything it takes to support your vision and make it a reality. Now it’s time to let go and watch it unfold.

We can’t determine when things will happen; we can only continue to show up for when they do…and miracles are happening all the time! Watch for little clues along the way that let you know things are coming together.

Keep focusing on what IS working, and maintain a state of gratitude for every situation in your life. Either what you asked for or better is on the way! Keep dreaming. And did I mention Love yourself unconditionally?

Some helpful resources I’ve used along the way:
The LifeLine Technique™
The Artist’s Way
Hay House Books and Hay House Radio
The power of community!

I look forward to speaking with you directly!

With Infinite Love and Appreciation for all my relations,
Kendra Current  BA, AAS, CLP, NCMT
Transformational Healer, Singer/songwriter, Teacher, Spaceholder

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